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Send Email From Anywhere

Send Email From Anywhere

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Send Email Anywhere You Go Online -- From Your Normal Email Client!

Do you have to use your notebook PC at hotels, Internet cafes, customer sites... in short, do you have to work online from places besides your home or office?

I do, and one of my pet peeves about that is not being able to send email from my favorite client. Chances are that you use Outlook, Eudora, or something along that line to manage your email on your PC. Don't you hate it when you can get email that way but you can't send any out?

To send anything when I'm away from the office, I have to go into webmail. I can send it from my normal accounts, but not in the normal way. It's cumbersome. It slows me down. If I forget to take extra steps, I don't get to keep a copy for my records. What a bother and a time waster!

Now there's a solution to that problem.

This is not my product. I'm so delighted to have found it for myself, I'm making life easier for you by sparing you the bother of hunting it down. So to order it from the source, please Click Here!

Disclosure: If you decide you want this, you'll have to buy it from the author, who may send me a small commission. But you don't pay me a single penny for it.

Product Code: SMTP2Go

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