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Get Paid! Audio Intro FREE

Get Paid! Audio Intro FREE

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Get your customers to pay you, on time, in full--even when they are stiffing everyone else!

So busy that your coattail is flapping in your wake 24x7? Get this 20 minute introductory-level MP3 audio for a pittance. Listen on the run--and then, if you decide you want more detailed guidance, real-life anecdotes, and snippets of example contract language, get a $4.99 discount on the ebook (even if the ebook is already on sale).

Do some of your customers act like it's okay to pay you late? Do some of them never pay what they owe?

Would you like to be able to protect your business from that?

Other people wring their hands helplessly for months. Other people call debt collectors to chase what's owed--and if the collectors actually bring it in, they keep a chunk of it for their bother. Other people eventually resort to legal action--and if they win, then they find out it's up to them to enforce the court's judgement (plus they have to pay the lawyer).

Not you--if you know what you're doing. Not you, if you know the tips and twists that have kept me from ever needing to hire a bill collector or a lawyer to get my customers to pay.

My small firm got paid in full, on time by WorldCom as it was sinking--and that isn't the only time we got money to come in when the customer wanted to delay. Best of all, we did it without using a collection agency or a lawsuit to wrestle late payments out of customers.

You can find out how to do that, too. (USA edition, primarily for businesses based in and doing business in the USA)

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Price: FREE

Product Code: GetPdAud1

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