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This store is something good that came out of something bad.

Once upon a time, WorldCom dove for the financial floor while my small consulting firm had people working on a project there. Because I had learned some lessons the hard way years earlier, we did not get hurt at all.

After that, I kept getting asked how my company got paid on time when so many other vendors got paid late or not at all. After months of answering one person at a time, I wrote a book so plenty of people could get the answer--plus other business essentials that I felt the business section in bookstores tended to ignore.

But a book takes a long time to get released. Readers asked for more detail, and follow-on materials, and additional topics. Events such as the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon prompted the creation of new laws and regulations. Some people regard my materials as part of their small business survival kit, but traditional books cannot keep up.

The title of my book is on this site, but the book's contents are not here. What you will find here begins with updates, expansions and complete rewrites of major topics from the book. The pivotal module is Get Paid! (as much as you deserve, and on time) in the USA edition. The next to be released is about insurance. These two subjects have changed tremendously. Modules already on the drawing board go beyond the subjects first covered in the book. Some modules will cover special activities such as help desks, or specific types of business such as property management... and you will begin to get information about doing business internationally.

From time to time, my customers will also have access to special deals on services. It looks like I will be able to start by offering you a discount from a company that has not offered such a deal before, for a service that many of my customers need. Keep your fingers crossed!

Times have become hard for businesses again. A lot of companies and consumers are drowning in red ink, which puts you at risk of not getting paid by them. This site is for people like you--smart enough to run your own business, eager to do it better, and more interested in getting the information you need than in getting your MBA before you can understand it. What you get here is not buried in academic jargon. It is all from real life, for real life.

If you would like to take a look at my main businesses, please see and

If there is a topic or product you especially want that is not available yet, or if you have any feedback for me, please use the Contact page to let me know!

Bonnie D. Huval

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