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Welcome to Make Sure You Get Paid!

Make sure your customers pay on time and in full, without any need for collection agents or lawsuits.

"We made plenty of sales - where the heck is our money?"

That is not me. I want to help you make sure it is never you. I get paid for what I do, and so should you.

FLASH! If you are having trouble getting paid, click here to get a discount off the price of our ebook about how to get your customers to pay (without collection agents or lawsuits).

As WorldCom was spiraling toward bankruptcy, my small consulting firm got paid in full and on time. We were surrounded by other vendors - from small to large - who did not. To answer the many people who wanted to know how we did that, I published a book by the title you see on this site. Readers loved it. You don't need a master's degree to understand, and there are lots of essentials from real life that most business books omit (how to get paid, what insurance to carry, how to check out employees).

But times have gotten tougher and rules have become more complicated. Readers asked for more detail, and follow-on material, to help them survive. You can get the first and most essential updated module
by clicking here.

Traditional books cannot keep pace with the world we live in. I now publish electronically, in modules so each major topic can be updated on its own cycle. My topics are generally not easy to find in the business section of a local bookstore, yet crucial for the health of your business. Any updates to modules you buy are yours at no extra charge for three years. I am completely rewriting, updating and expanding all my material, and will add modules about specific activities (such as help desks) or types of business (such as property management). Future modules will include not only ebooks, but other materials such as training.

If there is a topic or product you especially want that is not available yet, please use the Contact page to let me know!

May you and your business prosper,

Bonnie D. Huval

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